Fringe Season 3 Episode 18 Recap & Review: Bloodline

Fringe was set in the alternate world last night, as a newly pregnant Fauxlivia fought for her life against kidnappers. If viewers weren’t rooting for Fauxlivia before, they were by the end of this episode.

After telling Agent Lee (Seth Gabel) about her suspicions that she was being watched, Fauxlivia (Anna Torv) is abducted in her own apartment and taken to a secret lab. The back up team that Lee sends to Liv’s apartment arrives too late, so he informs Walternate (John Noble) about the current situation. This causes various members of the Fringe division to find out about Liv’s situation in order to track her down better since her FBI tracker was taken out by the kidnappers. The Fringe division also takes custody of Olivia’s cab driver, Henry (Andre Royo) after finding him outside of Fauxlivia’s apartment and finding out how much he knows about Olivia in the other world. It felt so great to see Henry again, who was such a great asset to Olivia not too long ago. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we see him this season.

Henry was quite an asset this time around as well when it came down to getting to Fauxlivia in time. When Fauxlivia realizes that her pregnancy has been accelerated against her will, she escapes at just the right moment! After making a call on a public telephone, Lee and Henry find Liv just as she is ready deliver her son. The chances of her survival weren’t as slim as she thought as the carrier of the deadly virus VPE, since the virus couldn’t replicate as fast as the pregnancy. The writers thought of everything. It’s so lovely how everything consistently makes sense on this show. Never given careless explanations, the season 3 finale of Fringe is bound to be a mind blower.

“It is happening.” – The Observer

Though even after escaping her kidnappers and surviving the delivery, two “nurses” were still able to get close to Fauxlivia and got what he wanted without harming anyone. After taking blood from the newborn in Fauxlivia’s patient room, the blood sample reaches the hands of Walternate himself. It comes has no surprise that after the day’s events, Lee and Charlie wonder about what else they do not know that Walternate isn’t telling them. With only 3 weeks left until the final 4 (Kirk Acevedo) episodes of the season, there’s a lot to anticipate, especially from these two agents – one of which is apparently in love with Fauxlivia. Is anybody rooting for these? This just seems like a sweet distraction.

But now onto Walternate’s secrets, will the two agents become more compassionate towards Olivia if they ever run into her again? It is unclear what Walternate’s motive is, but with only Lee and Charlie on his trail, there may not be enough people to stop him from making any reckless decisions. If Walternate was simply trying to save Fauxlivia and his grandchild from dying, the DNA has any part in aiding in this world’s survival, or if Walternate did not have a secret agenda with the DNA, he could have easily retrieved the DNA sample in front of Fauxlivia. And if Fauxlivia’s mother is helping Walternate in any way, things could have gone a lot smoother.

But the writers continue to leave its viewers speculating as to what Walternate needs the DNA for. Not only that, but with the Fringe division finally beginning to unravel Walternate’s secret agenda, many viewers may find themselves rooting for both worlds – or at least the majority of this world’s characters. This episode seemed to emotionally connect us to this world more than it ever has before. What an unbelievable accomplishment.

No matter what world survives, that baby surviving is all that is on my mind. No one wants to see a baby in the cross hairs and this bloodline has endured so much already. “Bloodline” may have been slow moving, but the cast was brilliant as was the writing which has certainly given the viewers more to think about as the fight for survival among the two worlds draws near.

Watch an all new episode of Fringe Friday, April 15, 2011 at 9/8c on FOX.

*Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

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  1. Great ending, great set-up for the ultimate confrontation, I think Peter Jr will pit against Peter when the 2 universe/alt uni colllide. This will be the moral dilemma as to which universe survives… all the more because the alt universe’s ‘liv, Lincoln, Charlie have become sympathetic characters. Aren’t we in for a surprise! JJ Abrams you rock! Thank you all for saving Fringe!

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