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Published on November 28th, 2010 | by Sean Bell


Dexter Season 5 Episode 11 Preview: Hop A Freighter

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Can you hear that? Tick..Tick..Tick. It’s the sound of your life running out, Dexter.

Who would’ve thought that Jordan Chase’s cheesy saying would become the appropriate slogan for this slow-starting, awesome-ending fifth Season of Dexter. With only two episodes left, one can’t help but wondering what the writers are setting us up for. Will Deb’s inevitable discovery of Dexter’s secret actually come this season? Will Dexter be on the run, Prison Break style, in Season 6?

Just about any theory is valid right now, other than Dexter getting away scot-free. It just can’t happen. He’s been too reckless and almost wants to be discovered. The only question is how many murders will get pinned on him. Will the credit go back as far as The Bay Harbor Butcher kills that were erroneously attributed to Doakes?

Check out these two preview clips of next Sunday’s episode, Hop A Freighter, whose title sounds like a nod to a possible escape. In this first preview, lovebirds Dexter and Lumen, are meticulously planning their takedown of Jordan Chase. While they share a kiss, Dexter discovers Liddy’s surveillance camera. (Something tells me the Liddy imminent death is going to be one of the show’s most satisfying).

In the second clip, Dexter again realizes that his Miami Metro buddies are hot on his trail as well. What tricks does he have left up his sleeve to redirect them one more time?

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  • Dexter

    Liddy is next

  • Jason

    Peter Weller is the best thing to happen to this season of Dexter. Not sold on Jordan Chase. He’s just a douche. No where near Trinity or Liddy

  • Trent

    I can’t wait to see Liddy on Dexters kill table

  • jefte

    I really love this show. see you next year… i keep on repeating the new episode here.

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