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Published on June 12th, 2010 | by Bags Hooper


Breaking Bad Season 3 Finale: Full Measures

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No matter how hard he tries, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) just can’t stop himself from Breaking Bad. After a season of high tech meth making for Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), White has gone back to his Heisenberg roots.

At the end of Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 12, “Half Measures,” White learned that Gustavo’s men killed the boy who murdered Combo. Just when Jesse (Aaron Paul) was about to murder Gustavo’s men, after breaking his meth hiatus, White runs the two men over with his car. It was one of the most shocking and applause worthy scenes to date on Breaking Bad. After running over the first drug dealer, White saw the second crawling away. Without hesitation, White shot the second dealer in the back of the head and told Jesse to “run.”


It’s clear that White has officially donned the mantle of Godfather Don Michael Corleone (Al Pacino). “Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in” (The Godfather: Part III). The question remains, is White acting out of circumstance or is it that deep down White really thrills in the rush of criminal activity.

Now that Heisenberg is back, we’re left to wonder what the future will hold for Walter White. Most likely, there won’t be any severe repercussions to White’s murderous actions. A war between White and Gus is simply inconceivable at this time. White’s family is out in the open so threatening his family would be too easy. Gus has successfully eliminated the competition. So it’s more logical that Gus will ask White to take a seat at his new table. However, taking a life in the drug game always requires a pound of flesh in exchange. Gus enjoys White’s company, but he may ask White to make amends Hammurabi style: an eye for an eye – the eye being Jesse. Though it is debatable as to who is really the biggest problem between White and Jesse, Gus obviously sees Jesse as the major thorn in his side. However, White won’t sacrifice Jesse yet. He still shares somewhat of a paternal bond to the recovering meth addict.

The Breaking Bad Season 3 finale is finally here so we’re looking forward to where creator Vince Gilligan takes the series next. We’re just wondering, why hasn’t the greater television watching public caught on to Breaking Bad yet? Maybe Gus’s influence extends beyond mere chicken selling and drug dealing.

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  • gary allen

    The season 3 finale SUCKED!!! What a crappy ending!

  • DMan

    Sooooo I was on the assumption this was going to be a 2 hour season finale??? WTF? I just got suckered into watching the previews for what seems is going to be the most stupid show since Power Rangers!! Horrible anyone agree?

  • josh

    Sucked??? Crappy??? Is there ringing in your ears? Are you seeing bright lights or hearing voices??? This episode rocked the only sucky crappy thing about the ending is that I have to wait a year til it starts up again!

  • Snaxus

    Why did the finale, as you put it, “Suck”….?

    I thought it was great! Couldn’t have been better and and will make sure viewers tune in next season.

  • chase

    Yeah it sucked. It was so intense and I was literally SCREAMING “DO IT JESSE! SHOOT HIM!” and he pussied out and moved the gun. It’s ObVIOUS that he didn’t shoot Gale but now I’m gonna have to wait another YEAR to find out why. and it’ll prolly be some stupid plot that holds you until season 4 episode 2 to find out. I love this show more than anything on TV but I am sick of nothing happening until the end of the episode and then making me wait until the next episode. I don’t know if i’ll tune in next season.

  • Chas

    chase: Watch it again. The camera panned around (as you can see by the door moving out of frame. The gun is always pointed straight ahead. Jesse shot Gale.

  • pianomanrsn01

    Vince Vaughan is on record as saying that Jesse does kill Gale. Only the camera point of view changes, not Jesse’s aim point. So with Gale gone, Walter at least is safe for a while, but what trust can there be between him and Gus now that Walter knows Gus put out the hit on him.

    I think Walter is eventually going to take over Gus’ operation. Maybe someone else takes Gus out, maybe Walter, maybe even Mike, but I think Walter ends up running things. I also think Skyler reconciles herself to what Walter has become and is herself seduced by the money and power. I have hopes that Jesse will finally reject the person he is becoming (a killer and a criminal) and settle down to a ordinary life with some nice girl. Or, he may go over to the dark side.

    Will Walter reveal himself to his DEA brother in-law? Will Walter Junior ever learn about his father and now mother and their flexible morality? Stay tuned for next season.

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