Farewell to the Tudors: Season 4 Teaser

by Alexis James-Whitehead on February 12, 2010 · 53 comments

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The Tudors are coming back for their fourth and final season. Did I just get choked up when I said that?

After 3 years of castle parties, debauchery, religious warfare and the ever sexy Jonathan Rhys Meyers, The Tudors is officially coming to a close in Season 4. If you had a chance to check out our “Off With Her Head” article, you’ll see that fans have been in an uproar ever since Showtime announced the end to our beloved show. Since the name of the show is indeed “The Tudors,” and not Henry VIII, many fans (including myself) have argued that The Tudors should continue on to encompass the lives of Mary and Elizabeth. After all, th Tudors was a family dynasty not a single monarchy.

It may be cliche, but unfortunately nothing good lasts forever. And, obviously something amazing, can’t either. It will be sad to wave goodbye to the royal court.

Where do you stand on wrapping The Tudors? Should Michael Hirst continue his tenure? Originally, he was leaving The Tudors to focus on his pilot, Camelot, but news of a greenlight on that series seems to have been swept under the rug.

Here is the official season 4 poster art as well as a teaser for the fourth season:

The fourth and final season of The Tudors premieres Sunday, April 11th at 9PM ET/PT.

  • gweggles007

    Umm….excuse me, but as soon as the name ‘Henry VIII’ is said, what’s the very first image that comes to mind,Holbein’s picture of a great strapping tyranical bloke..replete with equally strapping codpiece! The utter epitome of absolute power currupting absolutely.
    A great pity given the calibre of the cast, Peter O’Toole, Sam Neil at al, yet this views as little more than early rennaisance soft porn, hell even Anne Of Cleves (renoun for having a head on her like a robber’s dog!) comes off as eye candy.
    Artistic licence is also taken with Wolsey’s demise, yet they make great note of the duck’s blood scam at Hailes Abbey , claimed to be that of Jesus.
    Henry was well on the road to becoming a ‘bleedin’ fat bassstard’ by the time he got caught up on Anne B, yet the only advance of age shown is his stinking leg canker and then assuming a riduclously hoarse voice.
    Henry was 41 when he married Anne Boleyn and 55/56 when he died and here you have this well fit Jonathan Rhys Meyers still looking early thirties when he finally snuffs it!
    C’mon people, it’s like Aaron Spelling was let loose on a history book….I call this drivel ‘Bardwatch’! THIS IS NOT HISTORY PEOPLE!! IT’S UTTER HOLLYWOOD WANKERY!!

  • tracy

    I have just recently started watching the Tudors, and have watched all 4 seasons (All I can say is wow!) Please continue as I have never wanted to know about history, and now I can’t seem to learn enough.. Please SHOWTIME continue the Tudors

  • Klara

    They should extend the series as long as possible. They have a really good thing going and would be foolish to end it. They should contiue with Mary & Elizabeth. The show is great, acting is excellent and it should continue as long as possible. By the way, just how many wives did Henry have? Is Katerine Parr the last one?

  • CelticEvie

    And there is the history before Henry of the
    Tudors, that would make for awesome TV!!!
    Philippa Gregory is who you should check out
    for Tudors! She wrote The Other Boleyn Girl!
    She is now working on The Plantagenet’s! I
    know her work is fiction, but its based on
    Historical History!!! Its off to the library
    for me to get some of the many books out there
    that will have to do!!!

  • Angie

    You know I gave up other shows that I was watching to come to showtime and watch The Tudors. I have always been into history, and this was right up my alley. I have never missed an episode, and I never dropped showtime in between seasons. The Tudors have even earned my teenage sons interest in history. And that is no small task. So like many people out there, I thought The Tudors were about The Tudors; not only the storyline of King Henry. I wanted to watch about Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. But it appears that another network has made poor programming decisions. I know The Tudors is a huge success and Showtime has really done it this time. I will not be coming back to Showtime again! Thank you showtime for screwing up a good thing.

  • Angela

    I am so dissapointed that The Tudors are ending. Why? It is a huge success! Everyone knows King Henry dies but why rush the series so much? There is plenty of story to continue the series for many more seasons. I so badly wish that showtime would continue the series with Henry’s children. It would be so awesome to see Bloody Mary in action and Elizabeth. This reminds me of when showtime cancelled Dead Like Me. I was so dissapointed that I cancelled my showtime subscription. So when I heard about The Tudors I quickly signed back up. Only to once again have the rug pulled out from under my feet. I will cancell my subscription to showtime after the last episode of The Tudors; and I will not consider ever renewing it again. Unless of course they bring The Tudor storyline back. I guess I will just continue to watch HBO’s True Blood, and continue to hope that showtime will quickly reconsider. But I’m not holding my breath; I know all to well that showtime will just move on and leave fans in the dust again (hence Dead Like Me). Huge mistake showtime, considering the fan base you built off of The Tudors.

  • Marianne Rankin

    This series is outstanding. It’s what we need more of on television, which is experiencing a dearth of quality programming. I can understand that “The Tudors” may be very expensive to produce. That’s the only valid reason for discontinuing the series. There is enough material in the lives of Edward, Jane Grey, Mary, and Elizabeth (who reigned for 45 years) for several years more of The Tudors. Even if Elizabeth’s reign isn’t included, there is enough for at least a couple more seasons. I already know a lot about this period, but the series has brought it to life, and sparked the interest of my teenage son in the events and their repercussions later in history.

    I urge you to reconsider the decision not to continue The Tudors.

  • laura

    highly upset that this show is ending… i knew a little bit about the history from books and classes, but this show has been amazing… it is only fair to continue with the lives of his kids, because the show is too well made to stop. showtime should very much reconsider their faulty decision to end the show and give us back out tudors!

  • sheila

    I have never taken this much interest in history before and without the tudors towatch on Sunday nights, I don’t know what I will watch. I wish that Sho time will consider finishing the story line with Henry’s childern. The stories are so good.

  • Kaddee

    I am so tired of becoming so greatly invested in these Cable shows only to have the rug pulled out from under us with their cancellations. As with the rest of the posters I believe Showtime is throwing away a goldmine by not continuing on with the remaining Tudors stories.

    While I have always been a history buff this show has enticed my older children to enjoy learning history.

    So…BOO on you Showtime. Bring back The Tudors.. Listen to the people we cannot all be wrong !!

  • Anne W.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one disappointed The Tudors will be ending with the death of Henry VIII. I had always thought the show would go on to portray the reigns of Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, as the title of the show was “The Tudors.”

    After watching the first episode online (a friend recommended it) I have, for the past four seasons, purchased Showtime only for this series.

    Since then, I’ve also become hooked on Dexter, but one show is not worth the cost of the subscription. I believe I’ll be canceling it after the series ends.

    I’m Showtime’s target demo, as well. I’m 28 (genY), earn 80K/yr, no kids, master’s degree, brand conscious. It seems there are a lot more like me out there.

    If Showtime continues the show to cover Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, I’ll be ready to renew my subscription.

  • Laraine MARY ELIZABETH Holub Kuehlewein

    I have been watching The Tudors since Season 1.

    I have read alot of the reviews. Well, let me
    express that I have enjoyed and have looked forward to every season. I am so upset that this is the final season. I agree, The Tudors should be followed up with Elizabeth and Mary Tudor.

    Alright, the historical facts may not be accurate.
    But, the acting, the costumes, the cinematograpy,the casting – JMR may not be the exact replica of King Henry VIII – this is 2010!

    JMR’s acting in this series is unequivable to any actor I have ever seen in my life time! I am 59. The only ACTOR I can honestly say he comes close to is Richard Burton.

    I really cannot understand why he has not won awards
    for all the seasons – Emmy? Golden Globe? etc.

    By the way H.C. and JMR should be given many more acting roles. H.C. is phenomenal in his roles. Strong and sensitive and so handsome!

  • Bonnie

    I have only recently become a Tudors fan. A couple of weeks ago I decided to watch a few minutes of an episode that was playing while I was waiting for another program to begin. I became so enamored with the show that I never changed the channel to watch my other program, and I stayed up to watch the episode that came on after that one as well. I have now ordered the DVD’s for the seasons that I missed and I literally count down the days to Sunday when I get to see new episodes. I have to see more! Please do not cancel the Tudors! I agree with the many others who have posted comments here, that the show should be continued with the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth!

  • k.williams

    Sarah bolger would make a great queen. It would be great to see her in a role as bloody mary. Dont quit the tutors!

  • Teri

    I agree with everyone else “The Tudors” should continue through the entire family!

    I also agree with several others that “The Tudors” was the only reason I got Showtime and will be canceling it once the show ends!

  • Anne C

    No, no, please don’t go. As everyone has said there is much much more to show. Come on Showtime – why stop a winner?

  • Jacqui

    We want more! What about Elizabeth and Mary’s lives? Tell us more about the Tudor family. You have done such a wonderful job of bringing it to life. Great actors. Encore!

  • arizonanik

    I came here to post that I would like to see the series continued with Mary and Elizabeth. Looks like I am not the only one that feels this way. I love this show and like another person commented. Mary and Elizabeth have such interesting stories. PLEASE don’t end my favorite show!!

  • kate

    this is a terrible decision by Showtime. The lives of Mary and Elizabeth were so interesting.

  • DMcg

    I was just thinking earlier that they MUST tell the story of Mary and Elizabeth. Seems many others had the same idea. This show is too well made and the story too rich to stop NOW!

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