24's Carlos Bernard to Guest Star on 'Burn Notice'

by Sean on September 15, 2009 · 4 comments

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Is it going to be Tony Almeida versus Michael Westen later on in the third season of Burn Notice? Oh, we can’t wait to find out.

Actor Carlos Bernard recently reported, via his website, that he has filmed a guest starring role for the current season of USA Network’s Burn Notice.

There are no details on what this role will be, so we can only speculate. Will he be a “client” of Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) or will he be yet another foe the former spy has to outsmart. We certainly hope that it’s the latter, as it would be great to see Bernard kicking some butt again after his great turn in 24′s seventh season.

Season 3 of Burn Notice returns from its mid-season break this winter.

  • Reilly

    Actually, I hope he does some comedy, ’cause he’s kinda dark and brooding in 24. Something like Erik King (Dexter’s Sgt. Doakes) in “Noble Causes” (last night’s BN episode).

  • Reilly

    Not sure if I can accept Tony Almeida as a helpless client… hope he does a Victor-like turn (with more episodes). Also, I hope he returns to 24 soon.

  • snciakki

    It would be awesome if he is either some type of adversary or someone to help Michael in his quest. Would be great if he could be on for more than one episode too.

  • jimmi

    i hope he is the client ha:)

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