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Published on March 20th, 2008 | by Bags Hooper


The Tudors' Joan Bergin : A Costume Designer Above the Crowd

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Sometimes, when we think of TV shows we only talk about the Actors… or the Director or the Cinematographer… etc.

Well, I just came back from the red-carpet premiere of Showtime’s The Tudors, and I have to say that the costumes in season 2 are truly outstanding. Now, I’m not a fashion expert in any way like some of my compatriots, but the work of Emmy Award winner Joan Bergin really draws you into the time of Henry VIII with her amazing work.

Check out some of the costumes that were on display at the red-carpet premiere:

The Tudors Showtime Costume Joan Bergin Designer Season 2

The Tudors Costume Joan Bergin Season 2 Designer

Season 2 of The Tudors premieres March 30 on Showtime at 9PM ET/PT.

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  • Johnny

    they do a great job with the costumes and sets.

  • fiona

    nice but hardly historical, but then the whole series wasn’t, was it? Nice and ‘hollywood’ but what’s the problem, real history not exciting enough?

  • joan aikens

    Joan Bergin’s designs weave perfectly into the story. You cannot take your eyes off of the threads!

  • edith

    love all the costumes on the tudors, please do a book with pictures of the costumes, they realy are spectacular.

  • Kellie

    Joan’s costumes are exciting and inspiring. I would love a coffee table book with glossies of the cozzies, trade sketches and a breakdown of her creative process….from page to stage as it were.

  • Eryn

    These costumes may look OK, but they bear no relation to historical clothing in any way, shape, or form, and it would not have been that difficult to make them at least look accurate. In what is supposed to be the 1520’s, the men are dressed as if it was somewhere between 1570 and 1620, and the women’s clothing is just pure fantasy, combining elements of medieval, renaissance, and modern. How come no one in the show wears a real French hood? Why didn’t the King of France wear a shirt under his 1560’s doublet at the Field of the Cloth of Gold? There are many paintings of both the French and English courts of that time. I could point the costumer to inexpensive books that detail what the clothing looked like and how to make it.

  • lucy

    At the end of the day, we watch this show for entertainment- We all know the clothes are’nt hiistorically correcct for it’s time but so what?? They look fantastic!! The colours, the luxurious folds of fabric cascading everywhere, the ornamentation……. i cant take my eyes off of them! Go joan! Just what the BBC wanted, I’ll bet!

  • Nancy

    Love the show esp the costumes!!!!!!, so beautiful and well-fitted, very talented costume designer

  • SAM

    Joan Bergin’s costumes on the The Tudors are outstanding! I watched the show and like others, am amazed at her talent. It is still a free country and anyone who does not agree is entitled to their opinion, however shallow and narrow minded it maybe, they are entitled.

  • Nina Iseli

    Wunderschöne Kostüms!
    Mit so viel Liebe zum Detail…
    Es ist purer Genuss sie anzuschauen!
    Auch die Accessoires!
    Bin selber Schauspielerin und mit solchen Kleidern spielen zu dürfen ist die halbe Figurenarbeit…

  • KG Deaton

    the costumes are super. I have a couple of patterns that are similar to what she used for henry and Charles. I am thinking of making some, and incorporating them into my daily wardrobe

  • Jay

    Great. Watched 1-3 on DVD. Welcome Season 4!!! Never mind all the nit picking. This is a first class historical drama with fine performances and wondrous costumes. Accuracy? Hmmm! Well, for one thing, Henry wasn’t as sexy looking as Jonathan Rhys Meyers but who cares! Do you want to be bored with minute details of reformation politics or do you want to be entertained by something that surpasses most of the rubbish one sees of T.V?

  • Tiffiker

    OMG! I absolutely looooooved the costumes in this series, especially Henry & Anne Boylen’s! And the jewelry! WOW! Who knew 16th century garb could be so stunning and absoluetely fly all at the same time! I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS SHOW.. Count me in on the vote for subsequent seasons past season 4.. I’d love to see Bloody Mary get her reign on!

  • Katy Smith

    The costumes were stunning!! WOW!! I loved everything about this series and would be thrilled to see more!!

  • Deborah

    Please,please someone write a book with all the costume illustrations of “The Tudors”, and the woman behind these outstanding costumes. Ms. Bergin you are an “OUTSTANDING” costume designer, and I envy your talent!

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