Comic Books

Focus Originals: ‘Up, Uppity and Away’ #16: Persephone Faraday

Up, Uppity and Away #16 Ace finds out who Django was opening for and she’s not only supposed to be dead…they’ve met before. Check out the Agent Ace archives.

Video Game Previews

PAX East 2014: Hands-on with Press Play’s next platformer, ‘Project Totem’

Project Totem comes off as a pretty plain looking platformer and the rules are pretty simple, too. Fortunately, it’s anything but a plain and simple game. The player has the [...]

Critic Review

FX’s ‘Fargo’ is as good as the Coens’ masterpiece

Before I sat down with the first four episodes of FX’s limited series, Fargo, premiering April 15 at 10PM, I reacquainted myself with the 1996 Coen Brothers’ crime classic. It’s been [...]

2K Games

PAX East 2014: Evolve Hands-on Impressions

Evolve focuses on two gameplay styles that gamers can appreciate – as a team and solo, beast, strong monster dude. The highlight at PAX East was a mode where four [...]

TV Recaps / Review

Focusing on ‘Vikings’ Season 2 Episode 7: Blood Eagle

I severely doubt there was a more compelling hour of television this week than what transpired in History Channel’s Vikings episode 207, “The Blood Eagle” so let’s break down some of [...]

iOS Games

Upcoming platformer, Leo’s Fortune shows promise

In order to be fun, a platformer needs to do one crucial thing right and that thing is precise physics. If the game feels and plays right as you are [...]

Comic Books

Focus Originals: ‘Up, Uppity and Away’ #15: Kasper’s Friends

Up, Uppity and Away #15 Ace learns the true meaning of The Rhythmic Club and that Kasper has famous musicians as friends. Check back every week for the further adventures [...]


7 Focus Points on the ‘Justified’ Season 5 Finale

Season 5 of Justified is over, but there’s plenty to talk about last night’s season finale, “Retribution”. Here are seven Focus Points on the finale and their effect on the [...]

Nintendo 3DS

‘Super Smash Brothers’ focused Nintendo Direct offers a wealth of information & new characters

On Tuesday April 8, 2014, a special Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS focused edition of Nintendo Direct gave fans a healthy batch of noteworthy news. First, the release dates for [...]


Exclusive ‘Justified’ Interview: On a Wynn Fall with Jere Burns

Prominent 1950′s politician, Adlai E Stevenson was quoted as saying, ”You can tell the size of a man by the size of the thing that makes him mad.” Justified‘s mobile drug kingpin, Wynn [...]